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Our Company Values

A safe place to go and have fun

The idea of Bunker Bits is to create a online community for crypto across social media’s, teaching people how to use their crypto in a safe way and also to BUY/SELL their tokens.

Our Story

A Way To Learn About Crypto

BunkerBits it’s a place to have fun but also we want you to learn
about BUBI and many other different cryptocurrencies with the
Bunker Earn Program that will allow you to earn some tokens
while learning about many projects.

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The Difference

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The bunker is a place to
learn, play, & meet new people.
Come take your place!


BUBI is descentralized and global.
No one can decide to print more,
or change the terms of use.

Open To Everyone

An internet connection and a Crypto
wallet is all you need to send and
receive BUBI.

Peer To Peer

You can send BUBI with any
intermediary, but you can do it
securely with anyone, anywhere
and at anytime.

It's your opportunity!

What are you waiting for?

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