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How we view Cryptocurrency

With the passage of time, cryptocurrencies have continued to increase their attraction to users, every day it is more difficult to find a project due to the boom in the creation of cryptocurrencies. With Bunkerbits we want to make this a little easier, what if by being here you have the possibility to learn about new crypto projects and also receive rewards? It takes 10 minutes to start a project relationship to build and innovate with others among the crypto space. Let's brake this wall and continue building! Now is the time to enter the bunker



4 Million Tokens will be distributed on different exchanges.

Liquidity rewards

Become a liquidity provider to earn your BUBI bonus.

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Team members working on BunkerBits Project, receive part of a team allocation as a reward for their work.


We want to create trust, makes members feel like  they matter, and ensure that our community is a good place.

Token Specifications

NAME: Bunker Bits
TOTAL SUPPLY: 10 Million

Our Specialties

Customer Support

Do you prefer to chat live? Or do you prefer just email and social media? We make sure the customer support is effective and clear. We focus on improving the intersection between customer experience and BunkerBits, finding new solutions and answers.


The Bunker is a good place to stay, a place created across social media’s to chat over the world, games, giveaways, competitions and much more.

Family Friendly

We like to hear the comments of our users. Your information helps us decide when, where and what to inspect. Let's make The Bunker better together.

VIP Rewards

It is not just holding, with BUBI you can access multiple contests and games and you will also have access to our Discord Casino.


We like to reward our users, most of them we do in our official twitter account, do not forget to follow us and don't miss any of our giveaways on the way!


Another way to let you know that you matter, this is your time to get some BUBI for being part of this community.

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This Is UsThis Is Us

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The first step just take 10 minutes from you'r time, the rest will be written in history's

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